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Coding Management Expertise

Dramatic improvements in manufacturing and supply chain are often difficult to find ...   but improvements in product coding and labelling is one area where improvements can often be achieved.  Accurate package Coding Management can often be the key to cost reduction, traceability and availability.
A typical manufacturing facility can achieve an annual saving of over 500,000 by taking a Best Practice approach to managing its package coding operations. 

"..changing product shelf life policy improved production efficiency by over 20%"
Elimination of packaging and coding related withdrawals will remove the unquantifiable risk to your brand and to your business...
"Package Coding Management systems’ eliminate human error to ensure accurate date and traceability information.  Removing errors from the supply chain reduces wasted product and packaging, which helps to ensure products are affordable.  It also has to be good for the environment.”     Alec Kyriakides - Head of Product Safety – Sainsbury 
Supplying retail customers involves a fine balancing act between minimising cost, complying with regulations and optimising availability.  For a large majority of food manufacturers the Use-By date is a commercial compromise between product quality, technical management, production and distribution.

“When I was Operations Manager, I would ‘hang on’ to product life to smooth production planning.  Now I am Managing Director, I want to drive sales and to do that I’ve got to maximise availability in the store”   Managing Director, own-label food manufacturer.
innoscope has over twenty years experience in the development and implementation of coding and labelling solutions, instrumental in writing Best Practice recommendations for leading UK retailers.  We work closely with the World's leading coding and labelling manufacturers and can offer expert advice on the implementation of Best Practice.
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