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Product Management Consultancy

A winning company is one that can define, produce and promote their product(s) more effectively than the competition. 
This is often easier said than done.  The commonly taught principles of product management are aimed at consumer packaged goods (CPG) and often do not translate to manufacturing and IT systems, but this does not diminish the need for good product management if a company's products are to thrive.

I2E - Ideas to Execution
innoscope can offer organisations the experience, process and techniques to help them succeed. We have the experience of taking a wide range of products and services to market in a variety of different industries:
      Product coding and labelling equipment: from innovation - to launch - to global market leader (70% market share)
      Barcode product identification equipment: from innovation and launch to trade sale (to global market leader)
      Manufacturing software systems from start-up to European market leader (recommended by leading European retailers)
Ideas into Products, into Profit
We can help you to ensure that products are aligned with market needs through appropriate market research, capturing and explaining market need in a form that engineering teams can understand and act upon.
We can aid the product development process, providing structure to align sales and development activities.
We also assist in product launch, including internal and external marketing communications (such as brochures, datasheets, websites, press releases and white papers).
Furthermore, we appreciate the interdependence between products and after-market services and can ensure this is encompassed within product development and marketing communications.
For more information on our Product Management Consultancy services, please Contact Us.