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Have you ever considered how much of your time you spend repeatedly re-reading your own text?  Unfortunately, mistakes are inevitable  ....too err is human.  It is a proven fact that it is much harder to spot mistakes in your own writing than it is in someone else's because you know what your work should say, not what it may actually say.
If you use a qualified proofreader to check your work instead, you can make more profitable use of your own time.  We can help you at any stage from the first draft to the final draft and check as much or as little as you wish us to:
      Promotional materials and brochures 
      News articles or newsletters 
      Web pages

We aim to provide a personalised and reliable proofreading service to individuals and companies. Your material will be thoroughly examined for spelling, punctuation, grammar and any inconsistencies as well as typographical errors and will be marked-up accordingly.

We offer fixed price services so that you know what the costs will be for your project before we start.  We request that you send us a sample page or two to show the style of writing so that we can assess the work and provide a fixed price quotation.

We also offer a quick and accurate copy typing service; the costs will depend on the legibility of the handwriting and the number of words (quoted on a per 1,000 words basis).

We all want our writing to present a professional image.  Contact Us to see how we can help you.